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Ellison Color Run Help support Ellison Park Elementary School with our Color Run

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We'd like to thank our sponsors for helping us put on the run and for donating to Ellison Park Elementary

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All proceeds will buy new classroom technology for our students!

Monday, September 18

Race starts at 6:00 PM, pick-up at 5:30 PM

  • Every $12 donation gets an official race T-shirt and entry into the color run.
  • The race will begin with a color throw. Chalk for the color throw is $2 a bag. (The chalk that is thrown at runners at several locations along the course is free.)
  • Course will be approximately 1 1/2 miles. Participants can run it twice to equal a 5k. The race will include running around the school and the park.
  • Food trucks and refreshments will be available after the run.


Absolutely not. All ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join. You can run or walk the whole course. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome as well.

No age limits -- everyone can participate. Every participate under 18 MUST have a waiver signed for them by a parent/legal guardian. Waivers may be signed online or when you pick up your .

Shirts will be sent home with students the day before the race. We can't wait to see everyone wearing them.

The chalk will mostly come out of your clothing and shoes. Washing your clothes as soon as possible is recommended. Oxiclean does a great job in getting the color out, or google "How to get color powder out of my clothes". We also recommend bringing towels to sit on for the car ride home.

The Color Station will have volunteers who will be tossing the chalk (FD&C approved and safe) on you as you run/stroll by. If you have asthma or breathing problems please be aware that this is colored powder thrown in the air and you will have to use your best judgment on whether this will affect you. Sunglasses, goggles or bandanas are some items that you can choose to bring at your own discretion. All volunteers will be instructed to not aim for your face.

The chalk throw is your opportunity to throw color at the ones you love. Bags are $2 and can be purchased in advance or before the race. Chalk bags will NOT be sent home with students, but will be available for pick-up during registration. All other chalk will be thrown at you by volunteers along the course. Course chalk is free.

The course is 1.6 miles around Ellison Park Elementary and Ellison Park. Participants are welcome to run the course twice, to equal a 5k. The Color Run is not timed. This is a run/walk that is fun and enjoyable.

Parking will be limited in the school parking lot. The south portion of Cold Creek Way will also be shut down at 5:45 PM. We recommend coming early and parking in the gravel parking lot across from the school or parking along the park.

Map of the Race

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